Director / Designer / Animator / Illustrator / Editor / Audio FX

Personal Project

Chris Hilton Design Ltd

I spend most of my time working on projects from my home studio, where my desk looks out through the window, over the tops of the trees 4 floors bellow. Ever since I’ve lived here, I’ve had the joy of watching as the seasons change and leaves come & go, all from a vantage point many people don’t regularly get to see.

So after spending a manic 2015 working on client projects, I thought I’d use the Christmas break to start a brand new “quick” personal project. 3 months later, one season gone and another just springing to life I finally finish this project, just as the new leaves were about to start their next journey into 2016.

Digitally painted, designed and stop frame animated in Adobe Photoshop, then brought into After Effects to bring the leaves to life and finish the composite. Additional elements such as the Lady bird and logos were created in C4D then composited into the 2D scene. The finished animation was then taken into premier, where I edited and mixed in the sound effects and added the sound track, which licensed online and written by Marco Zannone.